Craig Rich

Craig Sailing cropped

Craig Rich is a 45-year veteran Great Lakes master SCUBA diver, historian, and author. His books, For Those in Peril: Shipwrecks of Ottawa County, Michigan, and Through Surf and Storm: Shipwrecks of Muskegon County, Michigan are available at bookstores across the state. Craig’s research on local shipwrecks, begun in the 1980s, formed the basis for the MSRA web page as it exists today. He continues to serve as the website designer. 

A former morning radio personality and newsman, Craig provides professional narration for MSRA and other documentary films, as well as radio and TV Commercials. He also emcees the annual “Evening Beneath the Inland seas” shipwreck show in Holland, MI. He is a regular speaker for local libraries, museums, and historical societies on the subjects of shipwrecks and local history.

An avid genealogist, Craig has traced his family history from the Mayflower to the Erie Canal, to Michigan, with pioneering ancestors in the state by 1828. 

By day, he is an advertising consultant with the Grand Rapids Business Journal in Grand Rapids, Michigan and lives in Holland, Michigan with his wife of nearly 40 years, Vickie. They are the proud parents of two grown daughters, one of whom made Craig and Vickie Grandparents in 2012. He also served the city of Holland for 28 years as an elected member of the city council – twenty of those years as Mayor Pro Tem. In addition to shipwrecks, Craig is an avid genealogist, and volunteers for the annual Tulip Festival and memorial day Parade in Holland.  Visit his web site.   Email Craig.