Cessna 172P

A Cessna 172P similar to the missing aircraft

A Cessna 172P similar to the missing aircraft

On July 04, 1984 a Cessna 172P went down off St. Joseph, Michigan. The report from the National Transportations Safety Board revealed that pieces of wreckage and the body of the pilot were recovered from Lake Michigan approximately four miles west of St. Joseph, Michigan The weather at the departing airport deteriorated along the route of the flight over the lake due to fog. A caution statement was published, warning pilots of “a loss of horizontal reference at low altitudes over the lake during hazy conditions or at night.

 There were no radio communications with the pilot, who was not rated to fly via instruments.

 The National Transportation Safety Board determined the probable causes of this accident as pilot error (not maintaining altitude).

 The registration number of the Cessna 172P was N52444.  This aircraft remains missing.