Surf Zone Shipwrecks (lost and found)

Hundreds of vessels have grounded in shallow water or along piers and been broken up in the eastern quarter of Lake Michigan. Others were abandoned after their useful life ended. The remains of several exist today in shallow water. However, there is the potential that after a storm or when water recede that portions of other wrecks may be unveiled. These are great dive sites for novice scuba divers and even snorkelers. 

Beachcombers or swimmers have rediscovered some of the wrecks and brought them to the attention of MSRA so that the wrecks can be documented by the organization. Others have been documented by MSRA board members during family vacations and other travel.

Below the map is a list of the surfzone wrecks that have been explored and documented by MSRA.

Surfzone Shipwrecks Expanded


City of Boston
City of Green Bay
Daisy Day
Flying Mist
L.L. Barth
St. Lawrence